New Releases:

  • The Sky Needs More Work
    Corey Mesler
    ◊ A poetry collection that adjoins sex, love and social connection in their many manifestations.
    ◊ Released 31 July 2014.
    ◊ Ebook and paperback.




Back Catalogue:

  • Blueshifting
    Heather Kamins
    ◊ A poetry chapbook with a deep curiosity and insight into the repressed and irrepressible energies of our world.
    ◊ Released December 2011.
    ◊ Ebook only.
  • The Glaze from Breaking
    Joanne Merriam
    ◊ Moving poetry of a woman who is saved by her close observation of the everyday wonders of the world.
    ◊ Re-released December 2011 (originally published by Stride Books in 2005).
    ◊ Ebook only.
  • Hiss of Leaves
    T. D. Ingram
    ◊ A contemplative haiku chapbook revealing a great awareness of the magnificent in the everyday.
    ◊ Released August 2012.
    ◊ Ebook only.
  • Marilyn Monroe: Poems
    Lyn Lifshin
    ◊ Marilyn the toy, Marilyn the mother, and Marilyn the survivor, in a remarkable poetry collection.
    ◊ Re-released 30 November 2013 (originally published by Quiet Lion Press in 1994).
    ◊ Ebook only.
  • The Mask Game
    Sergey Gerasimov
    ◊ A novel of the distant future, featuring aliens, eternal love, and the secret of happiness.
    ◊ Released 7 December 2013.
    ◊ Ebook only.
  • Measured Extravagance
    Peg Duthie
    ◊ A poetry chapbook of sonnets, sestinas and open forms, celebrating the conflicting demands of travel.
    ◊ Released March 2012.
    ◊ Ebook only.